W e    t a l k    f o r    t h e    a n i m a l s .
AAWV dedicates this page to Little Bug who lived a brief 14 hours. Her mom was rescued during a raid on a puppy mill in Berkeley County, WV, in December 2010
along with 113 other adult dogs and puppies. Little Bug, her two brothers, and one sister were born January 19, 2011 in the warmth and safety of a loving home. Little
Bug was just too small to survive. Had she been born in the mill, her death might
have gone unnoticed. Instead, she was held by people who loved her and mourned
by people who care. Peace, Little Bug.

Pet Loss and Bereavement


Most of the photographs on this site
are of animals belonging to AAWV members or are photographs taken
by AAWV members.

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