W e    t a l k    f o r    t h e    a n i m a l s .

Welcome to Animal Advocates of West Virginia’s website. Please explore our pages to learn more about our organization and about animal issues in general. If you need further information or wish to contact us about any animal issue, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Our Mission

            To protect animals and to promote the humane care and treatment of them through education and advocacy.

Who We Are

            AAWV, founded in 2010, is an ad hoc grassroots work group, comprised of citizens of the greater Eastern Panhandle area. We are not affiliated with any other local, state, or national organization.

What We Do

            AAWV seeks to identify issues affecting animals in the Eastern Panhandle and to create solutions through education and advocacy. AAWV also serves as a citizens' model for other groups that want to improve the lives of animals in their communities.

Protect your children and your pets.
A hot car can cause injury or death in minutes.

Spay and Neuter your animals. Save lives.

Adopt, don't shop. Visit an animal shelter/rescue group for your next companion​​​​.

Most of the photographs on this site are of animals belonging to AAWV members or are photographs taken by AAWV members.